what we buy

Waste paper

We buy the following types of paper:

newspapers, leaflets, magazines, office paper, printing cuts, documents from archives, shredded documents, corrugated cardboard, plain cardboard

Steel scrap

Light old steel scrap:

untreated, cut

Heavy old steel scrap:

unmodified, modified + 4mm, modified + 6mm, modified + 8mm, modified + 10mm

New steel scrap (production waste):

unmodified (over 1.5m), modified light (up to 1.5m), modified heavy (up to 1.5m)


short steel, long steel, cast iron

cast iron:

fractional, modified, unmodified

Non-ferrous metals

We buy waste from non-ferrous metals:

copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, magnetic stainless steel, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, tool steels, carbide, tungsten, titanium

Plastic waste


stretch film LLDPE, packaging film LDPE, HDPE, bottles, HDPE bands, PET bottles, plastic cardboard PP, crates PP, HDPE, production scrapers

Electrical waste

We buy electrical equipment from households:

cooling equipment, video cameras, video recorders, radio receivers, musical instruments, sound amplifiers, batteries, accumulators, car batteries

We collect free of charge:

television sets, computers, light sources

White and colored glass

White and colored glass:

window panes, bottles without undesirable impurities such as biological residues, clay, explosive and other impurities, white glass, colored glass, mix of glass (white, colored), must not be car glass, tempered glass


We buy:

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other electronics.