What we provide

Disposal of technological equipment

Complete disposal of technological equipment, machines, conveyors, steel structures, hoppers, wagons, etc.

A comprehensive solution for the company's waste management

Setting and optimization of waste streams so that a secondary raw material is created. Reduction of waste disposal costs. Harmonization and legislative setting of waste management, including hazardous waste.

Container rental and logistics

Rental of Abroll containers with a capacity of 15-30 m³: open, closed with a roof, lockable, press containers.

School collection

Implementation of school paper collection, disposal of electrical waste in the school collection with free loan of containers.

Settlement collection

Mobile purchase of secondary raw materials in the housing estate with the possibility of exchange for toilet paper or sanitary towels and handkerchiefs. You can also contact us if you have a large amount of secondary raw materials that you have nothing to take away.

Environmental consulting