Our company is engaged in trading in secondary raw materials. This means that we change what is waste for one into the input raw material for the production of another. In this way, our work contributes to a more efficient use of natural resources and improved sustainability. At the same time, we strive to provide the highest quality services to our suppliers as well as customers. And last but not least, we enjoy working with real commitment.

In relation to our employees, we respect values ​​such as:
Fairness in dealing, rewarding, setting benefits.
Transparency and openness in communication.
Support in achieving the goals, education and personal growth of our colleagues.

We have the same requirements in tenders - we are looking for fair people with a great desire to work and participate in the fulfillment of our mission and the achievement of our goals.

Are you looking for a varied and dynamic job in which you will make full use of your skills and experience and you will feel supported in achieving high goals?
Does your current job not meet you and do you need more space for your job?
Do you want to move on, learn and improve at the same time?
Are our values ​​close to you? Call us!

If you enjoy working with large machines, you can be a valuable addition to the team of our drivers, machinists or presses.

Do you like working outside and are you manually skilled? Start as a handling worker.

Do you feel like a fish in water in operation or production? The work of a foreman or operations manager can be tailored just for you.

Are you closer to administration, process coordination and communication? Complete our reference and administrative boards.

Are you an experienced manager or salesman? Do you love working with people and being able to influence and improve business processes? Come and benefit from your experience with us.

If any of the offers is according to your ideas, send us your CV to kariera@zsza.sk and we will give you a chance to present yourself in more detail at a personal meeting. We are already looking forward to you.


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