We buy a new commodity - CARS!
Do not leave your old car in the courtyard, at the house, in the parking lot, or elsewhere to be broken and unused. You are exposed to the risk of extraction and to the withdrawal fee. In addition, if you lose your EK and STK, you will be liable to a fine of up to € 330. A logged-off vehicle that is not disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner is considered as hazardous waste for which a special permit is required. Avoid unpleasantness, we will help you with that. With us, you can get rid of the old car easily, quickly, without worries and without waiting. We will unsubscribe your old car and provide you with the necessary documents to sign out. We will even send you a full old car for you! Locations where we already buy car wrecks: BANSKÁ BYSTRICA, GALANTA, HUMENNÉ, KOŠICE, LIPTOVSKÝ MIKULÁŠ, LEVICE, MARTIN, MICHALOVCE, MYJAVA, NOVO MESTO NA VÁHOM, POPRAD. Hodžova. POPRAD. Border, POVAŽSKÁ BYSTRICA, PREŠOV, PRIEVIDZA, ROŽŇAVA, RUŽOMBEROK, SENICA, ŠURANY, TOPOĽČANY, TREBIŠOV, TRNAVA, ŽIAR NA HRONOM, ŽILINA More traffic will come soon.