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Comprehensive services in the area of substitute raw materials
Our company is engaged in the collection, processing and evaluation of secondary raw materials. We do business in the field of securing the purchase, transport and processing and sorting of recyclable raw materials and their sales in Slovakia and abroad. Our services in the whole of Slovakia can be used in the form of individual purchase of secondary raw materials, all from natural persons to legal entities, which, in addition to individual purchase, we can provide a comprehensive waste treatment service tailor-made to the customer’s needs. Our long-standing tradition and unique know-how in the field of purchase, transportation, sorting, processing and recovery of recyclable raw materials is our success. We know that our responsible approach to business contributes to the long-term conservation of natural resources and the environment.
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Types of waste


Accounts for about 20% of the waste. Recycling partially alleviates the harmful effects of papermaking. From the sorted “waste” paper, a new one is produced in the papers, so many trees are not cut off and the amount of waste is reduced. By digging around 100 tonnes of old paper and using it to produce a new one, it saves about 1 hectare of 100 year old wood, often saving up to 70% of energy.


Weighs less than 8% of the waste, but much more, which is especially important in landfills where the volume is more important than the weight. Plastics are mostly made from non-renewable oil, the inventory of which is estimated at 40 years. Only 3.5 million tons of water is leaked to surface water per year. The biodegradation of plastics in nature or in landfills is long-lasting, takes several decades. SR recycles 16% of plastics.


Make up almost 5% of municipal waste. They are recycled to a greater extent, also due to the financial demands of production and resource constraints. Their production is energy intensive and their extraction is very damaging to nature. SR recycles 34.6%.


They make up about 1% of the waste, they are disproportionately threatening the quality of human health, they are different chemicals and compounds that in some form endanger the health of organisms and the quality of the environment. Nowadays, humanity can recycle a significant proportion of hazardous waste such as accumulators, fluorescent lamps, lamps and other


Accounts for about 6% of the waste disposed of in the Slovak Republic, which represents about 100,000 tonnes, in the Slovak Republic about 65,000 tonnes are recycled.

Non-ferrous metals

Are among very good recyclable waste. Their recycling is characterized by very good economic indicators, so it is interesting to buy them for many secondary raw materials.