We buy all types of car wrecks after the following conditions are met:

  1. the vehicle must be physically present at the time of delivery, otherwise the confirmation may not be issued
  2. if the Vehicle VIN number on the vehicle does not match the TP number, such vehicle can not be handed over for processing!
  3. the vehicle must have legible identification (VIN body number)
  4. the vehicle must be complete (ie containing engine, gearbox, all axles and having at least 90% of the weight stated in TP)
  5. the vehicle may be crashed, non-road, not having a valid STK or EC
  6. the vehicle may be temporarily logged off (the original of the confirmation must be submitted)

Procedure after delivery of the old vehicle:

After taking the old ecological processing vehicle from us, you will get:
  1. protocol on the takeover of an old vehicle for processing by an authorized partner
  2. confirmation about vehicle being dismounted from the national vehicle register (if the vehicle fails to be dealt with by the partner, for example due to the bank's bank's right of enforcement, etc., this certificate will not be issued, and then the protocol should be referred to point 1 on the police, where the vehicle is registered)
  3. after the vehicle has been removed from the database, go to the insurance company and cancel the statutory insurance policy (if you have a long-term insurance policy, the insurance company will return the overpayment)
  4. keep your processing protocol and disclaimer. With confirmation from an Authorized partner, you must be able to prove that you have handled the old vehicle in accordance with applicable legislation in case of any inspections by the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate

Documents needed to take the vehicle for processing:

  1. the original of the large / small technical license of the vehicle and 2 pieces of PSI that you want to be handed over for disposal (change in the legislation from 20.1.2014 - the original of the forms remain with the authorized processor and the PSP, the owner will devaluate the owner by cutting the vehicle when the vehicle is handed over to an authorized partner)
  2. the vehicle owner - a private person - submits his / her identity card. If the vehicle is not handed over by the owner, a written authorization to disconnect the vehicle, with the signature of the owner certified by the notary or the registry
  3. in the event of the death of the vehicle owner, the vehicle can only be logged out by a person who is certified by an inheritance certificate in which that person is designated as a person who has inherited the obligations of the holder of an old vehicle
If the owner of the vehicle is a legal entity, the manager (the owner of the company) or the person authorized by the vehicle may be handed over - a notarized authorization has to be submitted, a valid OR statement, Business stamps and stamps

We buy these types of paper:

newspapers, leaflets, magazines, office papers, print outs, documents from archives, shredded documents, corrugated cardboard, smooth cardboard

Light Old Steel Scrap:

untreated, cut

Heavy old steel scrap:

untreated, modified + 4mm, modified + 6mm, modified + 8mm, modified + 10mm

New steel scrap (production waste):

untreated (over 1.5m), modified light (up to 1.5m), modified heavy (up to 1.5m)


short steel, long steel, cast iron Cast iron: fractionated, prepared, unprocessed

We buy waste from non-ferrous metals:

copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, magnetic stainless steel, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, tool steels, carbide, tungsten, titanium


LLDPE stretch foil, LDPE packaging foil, HDPE, bottles, HDPE bandages, PET bottles, PP plastic cartons, PP trays, HDPE, manufacturing scrap

We buy household electrical appliances:

cooling devices, video cameras, video recorders, radio receivers, music instruments, sound amplifiers, batteries, accumulators, car batteries

We receive free of charge:

television receivers, computers, light sources

White and colored glass:

window glasses, bottles with no unwanted contaminants such as biological residues, clay, explosive and other impurities, white glass, colored glass, glass mix (white, colored), non-skid, glass tempered

We buy:

Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other Electronics.